Clash Of Clans Latest Private Server 9.105.9 APK Dark Souls

Clash Of Clans Newest Private Server 9.105.9 APK
Clash Of Clans Newest Private Server 9.105.9 Finally Here, I had been waiting for this upgrade this entire time it is finally here with builder base so you can now learn more about the builder base to it's full potential.

Darksouls have upgraded their Clash Of Clans personal server with lots of features and most important stability and performance that's amazing since the games work really well today. No longer connection errors

This server is hosted by dark souls so all credits goes to them for provided this upgrade, however the server is still under development so in the event that you see bugs, bugs and connection issues then do not panic or get mad as I stated the server is still under development so expect all that to happen.

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This is server 1 the attributes it includes are as follow:

1: Contains Different Kinds of mods such as Hog King, P.E.K.K.A Queen, or Wizard King.

2: Many custom made buildings at builder foundation .

3: Unlimited Resources

4: New Troops in builder foundation

6: You can travel to Town hall as well

7: Fight with real players on the server

WARNING: When installing the game, you may receive a pop up or telling saying that this game includes virus etc.. For me personally I had problems playing it for so long. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS THEN PLEASE DON'T INSTALL IT.

1: Install the APK from the link given under

2: Make sure unknown resources is checked

3: Love

If you get any link errors then simply force stop the program and try back again later.


Darksouls v6 is outside please check it out and download it in HERE

A private server is hosted on a virtual clash of clans private server apk 2018 dedicated host and has dedicated server web hosting to have the ability to keep the equilibrium and load of players.
Long gone are the days when these games where hosted on a cheap web hosting plans that couldn't handle over 300 players at one time.

All these managed dedicated servers are extremely powerful preventing any loopholes or connection problems even when a lot of players are playing it. Also many of the enthusiast create their own VPS or buy a virtual private network in an internet hosting service so they can operate their own operating system onto it and host the game.

The only time the machine could go down is if there are a few significant problems with the the server/game is taken offline for maintenance functions. Managing your very own dedicated host can be difficult at times so there will be problems.
That's why you will receive connection errors. If that happens all you have to do is simply close the app and try back again later. It should work!

If you receive an error upon installation saying"App not Installed" then the matter is with your operating platform, try to install a custom rom or downgrade your firmware.
The other option is to set up the game on bluestacks on your computer or Mac.

It is good to see that today they are hosting their match on a dedicated host providing us a good user experience while playing. Keep in mind that these areprivate servers and they are hosted on either virtual private server or some dedicated server and therefore are NOWAY associated with Supercell servers and Supercell are not accountable for it.

If you have any other questions please feel free to comment down under.

This is the Clash Of Clans Latest Private Server 9.105.9 with builder base and you'll have the ability to play the island and research all the defenses and troops and see how they play in the battle. It is possible to download DarkSoul's utility Program for easy updates of COC from here.

If you have any questions or confront any issues then do let me know in the comment sections below.

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